Remove Private/Privacy Flag For Multiple Emails

Feb 12 at 4:19 PM
On a daily basis, I receive emails as part of a distribution list, marked as "Private". When marked as Private, I cannot edit the Subject Line, which is something I need to be able to do.

I have been removing the Private flag by changing properties from individual emails. Once the Private flag is removed, I can do what I need to with the email, however, I would like to be able to apply the flag removal to multiple emails. This would save me a lot of time.

To remove Private Flag in received Outlook email, I follow the steps shown below. If anyone can let me know of a faster way to do this, and apply to multiple emails, that would be greatly appreciated.

-Launch mfcmapi.exe
-Quick Start > Open Folder > Inbox
-Click OK to choose existing profile name
-Go to Folder > View > Hierarchy
-Right-click Inbox, then select Open Contents Table
-Locate Column: PR_SENSITIVITY, PidTagSensitivity, ptagSensitivity
-Locate row that has an email marked as Private. Should read: "2 (SENSITIVITY_PRIVATE)" and select one
-Go to bottom portion of split window, in Property Name(s) column
-Find "PR_SENSITIVITY, PidTagSensitivity, ptagSensitivity"
-Change "Value" from 2 (Flags: SENSITIVITY_PRIVATE) to 0 (Flags: SENSITIVITY_NONE)