Exchange 2003 using mfcmapi to find biggest items in a mailbox

May 14, 2015 at 9:09 AM
I need to find biggest items and their size in a particular user's mailbox on Exchange 2003. I thought I could use MfcMAPI for it, as following these steps one can sort items in mailbox folder by their size:

Session > Logon > ... > pick my own mailbox > right click on it > open store > expand root container > expand top of information store > right click on inbox > open contents table > scroll right until Size column is visible > sort messages by this column

This works properly on Exchange Server 2010 but seems to fail on Exchange Server 2003 for which I actually need it - I can see all items but the Size column does not populate.

I use MfcMAPI, 32bit version, tried in two separate environments, one standalone Windows 2003 + Exchange Server 2003, the other one Small Business Server (SBS) 2003. Both without Outlook or other MAPI-using software installed. MAPI profile was created following a wizard that pops-up after clicking Session > Logon. I am logged on with the built-in Administrator account that has all possible permissions, including Domain Admin. MfcMAPI was installed directly on the servers.

Perhaps it is this tool limitation. If someone knowns any other way to check other users' mailboxes by the admin for the size of biggest items in their maiboxes I am open for any suggestions. Once again, this unfortunately must work in Win2003 + Ex2003 / SBS2003. I am aware of PowerShell/EMS solutions for newer environments.