ConfigureMsgService returns network error with Outlook installed and no mapicdo may update.

Dec 22, 2013 at 9:11 PM
Hi Griffin,

We face an issue (network error) when calling ConfigureMsgService API on outlook 2013. installed machine connecting to Exchange Server 2013 CU2. There is no MAPICDO interface installed on this machine.
But the call gets successful when called on a machine where latest MAPICDO (may update) is installed.

I think that, ConfigureMsgService API in MAPICDO is capable of establishing ROH calls, but outlook 2013 interface is not capable of. (Outlook 2013 version DLLs were released in 2012, and where as MAPICDO in May 2013).

Is there any way to call ConfigureMsgService to establish RPC Over HTTP connection with Outlook 2013 installed?
When I try to install MAPICDO on top of outlook, installation fails, as expected.

Can you please share your thoughts and shed light on how to leverage ROH with outlook installed?

Many thanks-Venky