Help! Lost Mail, Contacts, Folders, and Calendar Items.

Sep 22, 2011 at 2:15 PM

Hi There,

I have a very strange issue where a user seemed to have his mailbox duplicated.

When opening his outlook profile using MFC MAPI I am presented with two copies of his mailbox; one called  "Display Name" and the other  "".

I took a screenshot here:

Comparing it to other users I distinguished that the one presented with only the display name wasn't normal and so tried to delete it by opening it, then right clicking the top level "Root Container" and selecting "Delete Folder".

As a result of this the user has lost the contents of his Contacts, Calendar, and sub-folders of his Inbox.    The mail in his Inbox is still there, but the sub-folders and the mail within them has gone.

Right click on the Inbox from within MFCMAPI and selecting "Open Deleted Sub Folder Table" shows no deleted sub folders.

I took a screenshot here:

I also do not see anything if I right click "Contacts" and click "Open Deleted Contents Table".

Can anyone help?  If anyone could lend me a hand I would be very grateful.   I'm on skype, username: seb.spiers

Sep 22, 2011 at 5:22 PM

The right way to remove an entry from the profile is through the profile UI, not by deleting folders. As you've discovered, deleting folders actually deletes data.

As to what happened in this mailbox, it's a bit complex and the subject of an active investigation into possible bugfixes and best mitigations. What it boils down to is the msExchDelegateListLink attribute on the user's AD object has the user listed, which should never happen. Outlook and Autodiscover react poorly to this, leading to the extra entry in the profile. The best mitigation right now is to remove the user from the AD attribute.

If you need more help with this, or need help looking into restoring the data you deleted from a backup, your best bet is to open a case at