MFCMAPI on Exchange 2010 Audit Folders

Jul 21, 2011 at 4:11 AM

Discovered an issue with MFCMAPI when viewing the Audit folder on Exchange 2010

  1. Create a new user. (user5 in this test)
  2. Turn ON audit for User5
  3.  Next Launch MFCMAPI,
    • Connect with Administrator Profile and open Other Users Mailbox
    • Select User5  
    • You should see mailbox opened, but Recoverable Items folder is missing, press F5 to refresh and it have to appear
    • Choose Audit folder, it has lots of properties (about 60)
    • you are able double click to open the folder and see content

4. Close and Reopen MFCMAPI, and repeat all actions in step 3

  • However this time you will see that Audit folder only has a few props (about 5)
  •  and you cannot double click to open the folder

To validate that this is an issue with MFCMAPI and not Exchange 2010, we

  1. Ran the following command "Search-MailboxAuditLog -Identity User5 -ShowDetails -LogonTypes Admin,Delegate -StartDate 7/1/2011 -EndDate 7/21/2011" after each of the above MFCMAPI interactions and it returned all 60 items each time/  Also dumped both results to a test file and they are exactly the same so the Audit function is working fine, MFCMAPI is just choking on its second attach to the Audit folder. 
  2. Also contacted Microsoft and worked with the TAP team and they confirmed the same results and suggested we report the issue here.  

NOTE: We also attempted this on 2010 RTM , all RU levels as well as SP1 and all RU level with the same results.

Thanks in advance for everyone's time

Jul 21, 2011 at 1:26 PM

Doubtful that this is an issue with MFCMAPI or even the MAPI provider MFCMAPI has loaded or else you'd be seeing problems with other folders as well. This sounds more like an issue with the RPCClientAccess service on the CAS server. Your powershell command doesn't establish much since it's connecting to a different endpoint than MAPI connects to.

You also contacted me directly. I'll follow up there to get details on the case you opened so I can get it on track.