MAPIInitialize and Outlook 2016

Oct 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM
Hoping to find a bit of insight here with a particular issue we have noticed.

In using the MFCMAPI application (September 2015 release, both 32bit and 64bit) and trying to connect/logon to Outlook 2016 (32bit and 64bit), we are seeing an error in the MAPIInitialize function:

MAPIInitialize failed with error 0x80004005 == MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED.

Here are some known causes for this.
1 - No version of Extended MAPI is installed. Either Outlook or MAPICDO must be installed.
See to install MAPICDO.
2 - The 64 bit version of Outlook 2010 is installed. The 64 bit version of Outlook 2010 requires the 64 bit build of MFCMAPI.
See for the latest 64 bit build of MFCMAPI.
3 - Windows Mail or Outlook Express (which do not implement Extended MAPI) is registered as the Default Mail Client.
See for information on setting the Default Mail Client.
In file MapiObjects.cpp
On line 120

This particular error was generated when using Session > MAPI Initialization > MAPIInitialize... or Session > Logon... .

Is this an error that others have seen? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 2, 2015 at 3:45 PM
The only time I've seen this is when I accidently had a old version of the c-runtime on my path. So look for msvcr*.dll being loaded from odd directories and see if removing them allows you to load.