Stuck message in OUTBOX, Outlook 2013

Jul 23, 2014 at 2:22 AM
Edited Jul 23, 2014 at 2:26 AM
I have a message that I can't open nor delete in the outbox (Outlook 2013). Tried opening Outlook in safe mode, Windows in safe mode, Outlook in Offline mode, etc etc. Outlook gives no message at all when I attempt to delete the message, and something like "Can't open message when it's being sent" when I try to open it. The message has a 106KB attachment if that matters.

So through trying countless things I found on Google, I found MFCMAPI. It opens my .pst file fine, and I can see the message I want to delete in MFCMAPI. But when I try to delete it, MFCMAPI returns:

Function lpSourceFolder->CopyMessages( lpEIDs, NULL, lpWasteFolder, lpProgress ? (ULONG_PTR)hWnd : NULL, lpProgress, ulCopyFlags)
File MAPIFunctions.cpp
Line 998


Function DeleteToDeletedItems( lpMDB, (LPMAPIFOLDER) m_lpContainer, lpEIDs, m_hWnd)
File FolderDlg.cpp
Line 695

Yes, I ran MFCMAPI in Administrator mode. When I attempt to delete the attachment, I get:

Code: MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS == 0x80070005
Function DeleteAttachments( lpMessage, lpszAttName, m_hWnd)
File FolderDlg.cpp
Line 609

I've even tried to edit the message status to "0x00000100 MSGSTATUS_DRAFT", hoping that might un-stick it in Outlook, but MFCMAPI doesn't let me do that either.

MFCMAPI works fine if I delete a message from any other folder, but simply will not delete my "stuck" message from my Outbox.

Any suggestions?

Jul 23, 2014 at 1:04 PM
The message is in the submit state, where it can't be messed with by a client. To remove it from the submit state, you need to abort the submission. To do that, right click on the message and select Submit\Abort submit. Then you'll be able to delete the message.