A couple of issues: Mail disappears from Outbox, but isn't sent and Mail is delivered to spam folder

Sep 20, 2013 at 8:19 AM
Edited Sep 20, 2013 at 8:20 AM
Hi, we have a couple of issues with a few of our users:

1. Mail disappears from Outbox, but isn't sent.
We have 3 users who experiences this. What happens is that the mail remains in Outbox until the users shuts down Outlook (2010, no SP), and when Outlook is started the mail disappears from Outbox. There is no trace of the mail in the Sent folder, nor does the recepient receive any mail.

2. Mail from a certain address is delivered to Spam folder.
Only one of our users experiences this issue. There are no rules in Outlook (also 2010, no SP) for the user, and other users that receives mail fram this address gets it delivered to the Inbox.

I've searched for these issues, and MFCMAPI look like a tool to troubleshoot them. I've asked the user on issue no. 2 to try MFCMAPI, and check Inbox Rules for any hidden rules, but I don't know what to look for.

Mail server is Exchange 2010 SP3.

Any input/help is appreciated :-)
Torstein Aanvik